What's New

Here you can see what I'm busy making

I'm planning to use this page as a kind of journal.  It should be a quick way for you to find out what is new in the shop and what I'm currently working on - the newest posts will be at the top of the page.

April 19th

Just a teaser I'm afraid....

A bespoke order for something. 


Currently sold out in the shop - but I'm making a new one by special request.


April 14th

Getting on with the last few pieces for the exhibition at 78 Derngate, opening in the middle of May (fingers crossed....)

details of the exhibition here

This is the third one taken from sketches done in the kitchen - a metal teapot - pewter maybe?  It has a beautiful hammered top.

The green is suggested by the stunning pea green paintwork.

Now I have a bespoke order to get busy with.... happy days

April 8th

The puffins are always popular - everybody seems to love their cheeky faces.  As I have sold the one I had in the shop, I thought it might be good to make another - I only ever have one at a time and eventually I'll stop!


Here's a little video of the newest one underway.

It should find its way into the shop very soon.... you can check quickly here or drop me a message if you are desperate not to miss out and would like to reserve it.