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Travelling Books

I belong to the Market Harborough branch of the Embroiderers' Guild and we have successfully run a series of travelling books over many years. 


The way they work is this... each member of the group is given a sketch book in which they fill the first few pages with ideas, images and inspiration on a topic of their choice.  The books are then set off on their travels, passed to the next person at each monthly meeting.  So you have a different book each four weeks, to make a handmade embroidered picture on the topic and set it in the book before passing it on again.  At the end of the cycle, you get your own book back, filled with pieces made by each of the group, inspired by your theme.  It's lovely, and has made such a difference to our group. 


During the restrictions of 2020/21 we have continued, but have sent photos of the work instead of the actual books.

These are some of the pieces I have made to put into other people's books - click to enlarge.  They are all about 20cm square.

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