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My Favourite Things

The Embroiderers' Guild Members' Challenge title in 2020 was My Favourite Things.  Any embroidery style is permitted, but there are strict size constraints of 30cm square and it must be an original piece of textile art.

I began by listing my favourite things, hoping to choose just one - but I found I couldn't leave anything out, so I had to find a way to include the whole lot!  I love the formal, organised chaos of a flat lay, so I set about creating one that included every detail.  It includes an OS map, the key to my home, the initials of my children, a love letter, jigsaw pieces, precious jewellery, perfume, drawing implements, a cup of tea and a biscuit, my best china, the dog's tag, old lace, sewing kit, shells, flowers, a butterfly, word games, sparkly shoes, buttons

It is completely covered with machine stitch - all free machined with me steering - no computer silliness or digital stitching! No paint or printing either.  Even the lace is embroidered on, it's not real (I'm pathetically pleased with that!)

It won a prize again - 2nd place in the Valerie Campbell-Harding machine stitching category, which was very exciting.  Sadly there was no AGM or touring exhibition that year, so no opportunity to see any of the entries in real life.

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