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Showing Off

A gallery of work

Here you will find a collection of images and videos - some shots of work in hand or videos of processes.  There is also some original textile art made for exhibitions and for competitions.  A selection of my favourite personalised embroidered commissions, too - and while none of these pieces are in the shop, I might be persuaded to part with them (if I still have them...), or you could commission your own version - please ask!

The majority of my work is made using a normal domestic sewing machine, no computer wizardry or automation!  I usually disable the feed mechanism and steer it myself - it's a slow and methodical process, but I love it.  Embroidery is an immersive process - but it sure isn't quick, pieces can take days and days to complete.  There are a few videos of me in action if you'd like to see... click here

What's cooking? 
Work on the table and current obsessions

An idea of what is floating about at the moment - some images might link through to more details - others are just snapshots of the work desk.... if you would like to see what I'm working on right now, or what has most recently been added to the shop, please click here


Travelling Books


Gallery of Work