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Exquisite Containers

The Embroiderers' Guild Members' Challenge title in 2021 was Exquisite Containers.  I'm a bit literal in my interpretation of titles, and thought that an egg was a mighty fine container and a Faberge version must be the most exquisite.  I did a bit of research and found a beautiful duck egg blue enamel one with gilded stems and rosebuds all over it in a trellis.  Off we go!  The egg is covered in couched cords to give the texture, and then the trellis was embroidered on.  The leaves and roses were machined over felt shapes onto silk organza and then cut out and stitched onto the egg.  This gives it a lovely raised surface.  

Then things got a bit silly and I imagined Master Faberge (if there was one...) entering the school egg & spoon race - so I stitched a lovely shiny silver spoon alongside.  The black background is patterned with stitch and some Russian lettering added to create a border.   Relying on Google translate, I hope the phrase refers to Master Faberge being well prepared for his school sports day.

It is completely covered with machine stitch - all free machined with me steering - no computer silliness or digital stitching! No paint or printing either.  It is 30cm square.

Submitted in February 2021, it is still in the hands of the Embroiderers' Guild.


I have literally just heard that I have been awarded first prize in the Machine Embroidery category


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