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Life's Rich Pattern

The Embroiderers' Guild Members' Challenge title in 2019 was Life's rich pattern.  Any textile technique is permitted in the making of a piece of original textile art but there are strict size limitations of 30cm square - this one measure 19cm. I had worked a smaller, simpler puffin design for a travelling book before - but this larger one was a bit of a challenge!


I did love the effect though, and it started me off on a series of smaller rotational symmetry designs of natural forms which have become my Nature in the Round collection, some of which are available in the shop here.       .

they are all completely covered with machine stitch - all free machined with me steering - no computer silliness or digital stitching! No paint or printing either.

This one was awarded the Valerie Campbell-Harding prize for machine stitching, which I was thrilled about.

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