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A jolly little bird brooch to brighten up a jumper, coat or hat.

Completely covered in stitching and gently padded, each one measures 8cm from beak to tail and 4.5cm from head to tummy.  

Designs are simplified but realistic - depicting British garden and hedge birds.  You can choose from Bluetit, Chaffinch, Yellowhammer, Robin, Goldfinch and Bullfinch - more will creep into the collection, but if you have a favourite (or would like to design your own fantasy bird..) please get in touch and I'll be delighted to help.


Oh and if you are struggling to choose... you could select a mixed flock to get 10% discount off any four bird brooches. Just send me a message to let me know which birds you'd like. Tweet Tweet.


They have a brooch pin on the back and are presented on recycled card with a button and luggage tag.

Bird Brooch

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