Machine embroidered panel depicting a ring of five Kingfishers, beaks to the middle.  Rotational symmetry became a bit of an obsession - I love the abstract pattern formed by arranging familiar objects in an unfamiliar way.  Created entirely by free machine embroidery - no computer wizardry, print or paint - all  steered by hand, with the fabric base completely covered.


The panel surface is quite distorted and raised, so requires a deep frame.  Mounted on white acid free card, ready to frame.


Embroidery is 10cm square

Mount 20x25cm


Can be supplied in a frame if required, please also select a medium frame from the shop.  This will cost from £45.  If you would like to wait until your bespoke order is completed to choose a frame, that's fine - I could send you photos of your piece in the different frame styles.  

Bespoke order 6 Kingfisher

  • Thank you so much for ordering this Kingfisher panel.  I hope you will be delighted with it, but just in case, it can be returned at your expense within 30 days of dispatch. 

  • I'll upload staged in-process phots once I get going on it - should be ready to send out to you before  21st April.  

    Thank you again for your order.